About RCK Pub

RCK Publishing, LLC was founded in 2012 as a web development & online marketing agency. Over the years, Rob Kuhns, our highly sophisticated owner (so sophisticated he refers to his single-member LLC in the collective “our”), has overseen website design & development for clients, friends, family, and his own portfolio.

Today, our core focus involves acquiring & growing our own websites and web properties.

Rob Kuhns – Owner

My journey to founding RCK Publishing, LLC began in my formative years when the virtues and appeal of video games & Mountain Dew-for-breakfast waned.

My cousin and friend, Scott, had introduced me to web development as a young lad, but my professional career kicked off in 2007 when I was a junior in high school.

I built a couple small websites around two very niche, very hip & exciting topics. One covering foreign currency trading. The other? Magnifying glasses. 

I wrote and developed both sites in between homework assignments, generated my first few dollars of online income, and eventually sold those websites for what I thought (at the time) was a fortune.

(It wasn’t a fortune. But it WAS almost enough to buy a year’s worth of pop tarts. I don’t think I spent it all on pop tarts, but it’s been a while.)

By my Junior year of college, my personal web portfolio & client projects had grown, allowing me to leave my college job behind and pursue my budding web-marketing career full-time.

I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2012 with a BBA in Finance. A few months prior, I registered RCK Publishing, LLC in Texas. By now, you should picture me in Rocky training montage – preparing intensively to be a ‘serious’ business owner.

Fast forward to today – I continue to manage our portfolio of websites and web properties, and enjoy getting to work with writers, editors & content experts from all over the world.

When I’m not working with RCKP, I’m usually spending time with my wife Liesa & our children, running, woodworking, or enjoying the company of family & friends.

Why “RCK Publishing”?

What’s in the name? My initials, first off. Then, “Publishing” – something RCKP does frequently. Whenever we build a website, post a piece of content, or even write a Facebook/Twitter post, we’re (hopefully) ‘Publishing’ information for the World Wide Web’s enjoyment.